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The Great Plains Conservation Network (GPCN) is a collaboration of non-profit and tribal organizations working together to conserve and restore the wildlife, habitats, and ecological processes of the Great Plains.

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GPCN Meeting February 2021

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Central Grasslands Roadmap: October 2020 – The core planning team will begin having additional conversations with target sectors to further validate priorities and modify metrics within the Roadmap, and work with key groups like Joint Ventures, landowner collaboratives, and funders to align initiatives.

Central Grasslands Roadmap: November 2020 – Delegates and the core planning team will seek additional endorsements from cross-sector leadership.

Central Grasslands Roadmap: Spring 2021 – Ongoing conversations with sectors and key groups, and summit planning.

Central Grasslands Roadmap: Summer 2021 – Convene the 2nd Roadmap Summit to review progress, modify, and commit to advancing the roadmap.