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The Great Plains Conservation Network (GPCN) is a collaboration of non-profit and tribal organizations working together to conserve and restore the wildlife, habitats, and ecological processes of the Great Plains.

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by Wes Olson and Johane Janelle

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 2023 News & Events

Grassland Synthesis Project Webinar

New Prairie Dog paper on Resource page

New Announcement from the Interior Department Good News for Bison

Prairie Conservation Forum General Meeting June 14-15

America’s Grassland Conference August 8-10

Homes on the Range is now Live 

North American Grasslands Conservation Act
The North American Grasslands Conservation Act will create a landmark voluntary program to conserve and restore threatened grassland ecosystems. The Grasslands Act is a new effort to reverse massive grassland loss and conserve America’s remaining grasslands. It will enable landowners and Native nations to ensure that healthy grasslands remain for future generations.

New on Resources page Genomic Evaluation of Bison paper

New on resources page Black-footed Ferret reintroduction tool

United Nations Declare 2026 the International Year of Rangelands & Pastoralists