Long-term Viability of Department of the Interior Bison Under Current Management and Potential Metapopulation Management Strategies

Department of the Interior Bison Conservation Initiative 2020

The Buffalo:  A Treaty of Cooperation, Renewal and Restoration

What America Lost When it Lost Its Bison – The Atlantic (2019)

Bringing Bison Back to the Badlands – A PERC Case Study

Wild bison as ecological indicators of the effectiveness of management practices to increase forage quality on open rangeland Dustin H. Ranglacka, Johan T. du Toitb

Information on Bison and Brucellosis from Enhancing Montana’s Wildlife and Habitat website

Bison Conservation Management: Guidelines for Herd Managers

IUCN American Bison Status Survey and Conservation Guidelines 2010

Prairie Dogs and Ferrets

USFWS Ferret Recovery Plan

National Public Radio story on reestablishing Black Footed Ferrets in Montana

Large Landscape Level Conservation Projects

Ocean of Grass: A Conservation Assessment for the Northern Great Plains (11mb)

The report American Prairie Reserve: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation through Large-Scale Grassland Conservation” discusses the effects of climate change on grassland ecosystems and the effect of land use in the Great Plains on green house gas emissions.

WWF Threats Assessment NGP Report December 2012

Wind Development and Low-Impact Areas to Wildlife, a 2012 report by The Nature Conservancy and WWF

An Ecological Risk Assessment of Wind Energy Development in Montana, 2009 study by The Nature Conservancy

Colorado’s Conservation Data Explorer (CODEX) — a one stop shop for synthesizing conservation data from the Colorado Natural Heritage Program, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, US Fish and WIldlife, NatureServe and many other sources.

Riparian Habitat

WWF’s Riverine Analysis identifies riverine conservation priority areas for the US portion of the Northern Great Plains


Bringing Back America’s Serengeti – Rewilding Earth (2019)

American Serengeti, by Dan Flores – University Press of Kansas

Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change

The Southern Plains Land Trust has enrolled their two largest preserves in the Climate Action Reserve’s Grassland Protocol.

The Southern Plains Land Trust is using Grassland Carbon to Benefit Prairie Wildlife Refuges.

 Other Species of Concern

In an effort to keep the greater sage-grouse off the endangered species list, in part by protecting its habitat, the USFWS has developed a mitigation framework that includes recommendations and standards. The Greater Sage-Grouse Range-Wide Mitigation Framework aims to “communicate some of the factors the Service is likely to consider in evaluating the efficacy of mitigation practices and programs in reducing threats to sage-grouse.”

Links to Other Great Plains Conservation Organizations

Alberta’s Prairie Conservation Forum provides an excellent collection of resources and links to organizations in that province. The Prairie Conservation Action Plan serves the same purpose in Saskatchewan. Check their site for a wide range of contacts.

American Bison Society

Badlands Conservation Alliance

Center for Great Plains Studies

North Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Prairie Hills Audubon Society

Prairie Wildlife Research

Southern Plains Land Trust

Wildlife Conservation Society Great Plains

WWF Northern Great Plains